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Our goal is to ensure good social marketing services are available for local business in Minneapolis. Our services are priced to ensure our clients get the best ROI on their investments. 



We work with you one-on-one to develop a marketing strategy for you business that just don’t get you real followers but through targeting ; potential clients and collaborators


We provide all sorts of marketing tactics such as Google Adwords, Facebook, PPC, Reports, Negative Kepywords, In depth Analysis, brand awareness ads and conversion ads etc


We do an in-depth analysis of your target customer and demographics, we will target people who interacts with similar accounts and interact with similar content.


We offer full time account management. Which inlcudes targeted growth, posting, followers enagement and interacting with  your followers via comment replies, DM replies and Stories etc and most important stress relief

Content Strategy

Content is king in social media marketing which is why we follow a carefully developed content marketing strategy to help render more effective social media marketing strategies for small business.

Brand Strategy

When on social media the brand that speaks a language the customer can relate to wins and we ensure to clearly develop a brand strategy for your social media presence in Minneapolis.

400k+ Satisfied Customers

“Rock Solid Social has helped us immensely in stepping up our game in terms of social media presence and following. We were not using Instagram at all before him. His instructions are concise, and he’s quick at formulating and implementing plans. “

Janet Renolds

 We have many new clients and more enthusiastic fans from just the last couple months of his work.

Sara Blankenship



Get the right plan for your business!

Our social marketing packages are flexible to meet only what is important to your business. We recommend you carefully choose a plan based on the  social marketing goals of your business.

Get the right plan for your business!

Our social marketing packages are flexible to meet only what is important to your business. We recommend you carefully choose a plan based on the  social marketing goals of your business.


    • Page Management (Interacting with followers via comments, DM and stories)
    • Hyper Growth
    • Profiling Account for Maximum Follows
    • Max of 4 Posts daily
    • Explore Page Growth Hacks (Powerlikes)
    • Viral Content Research
    • Content Creation (Quotes, IMG)
    • Monthly or Weekly Reports via E-mail
    • 24/7 Support

Effective communication

At Rock Solid social we believe effective communication is determined towards the success of a project which is why believe in keeping out communication as transparent and effective as possible to avoid any hiccups in our social services.

Best Social Media Tools

We believe in using the best tools to complement our services by giving us an edge over competitors. At rock solid social we have a strict policy of using the best social media tools to render the best services. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a doubt regarding our social media marketing services? Read our FAQ guide to see if your quest is already answered. If you require more help you can always contact us here.

How do I know which social media platforms are right for me?

You don’t have to! Here at Bearly Marketing, we’ll work with you to find the best strategy for your brand. We never want you to over-extend on social media (or your budget) so we will give you honest feedback on where we think you need to be and help you figure out what’s truly best for your business.

Can I add or remove the social media platforms to be managed?

Of course! You are welcome to change things up whenever you need to. Flexibility is our middle name.

Do you create and curate all the content for my social media or do I have to provide you with anything?

Product photos are very helpful towards building a professional social media campaign, but they are not mandatory. For our other businesses, like services and professionals, any photos you have are also welcome to be shared, but not required. Typically we can get everything we need from your website.

So what are you going to post?

We post a variety of content depending on what best fits your brand and your goals. We follow the 80/20 marketing rule, where eighty percent of your content is aimed to engage your target audience, while twenty percent will be advertising to them. With that in mind, we will share interesting articles, beautiful branded graphics and other sharable content with your fans, as well as post links back to your website promoting your products or services.

How often do you post and why?

Depending on the needs and size of your company, we can post either three or five times a week. Although some social media agencies prefer to flood your social media with irrelevant posts purely to seem busy and imply they are working harder, we prefer to work smarter. Quality, not quantity, is what you will find at Bearly Marketing.

When do you charge me?

Your first invoice will be due when we start your campaign and cover your service your first month with us. After that, you are billed on the 1st of the month every month.

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