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Rock Solid Socials is a growing social media marketing agency in Minneapolis. We provide effective organic social media strategies without using a bot or fake followers and likes. 


We are also specialized in growing brands through pay per click or PPC advertising with the help of targeted ads on different platforms such as Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads via organic and other social channels.

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We work with you one-on-one to develop a marketing strategy for you business that just don’t get you real followers but through targeting ; potential clients and collaborators


We provide all sorts of marketing tactics such as Google Adwords, Facebook, PPC, Reports, Negative Kepywords, In depth Analysis, brand awareness ads and conversion ads etc


We do an in-depth analysis of your target customer and demographics, we will target people who interacts with similar accounts and interact with similar content.


We offer full time account management. Which inlcudes targeted growth, posting, followers enagement and interacting with  your followers via comment replies, DM replies and Stories etc and most important stress relief

Content Strategy

Content is king in social media marketing which is why we follow a carefully developed content marketing strategy to help render more effective social media marketing strategies for small business.

Brand Strategy

When on social media the brand that speaks a language the customer can relate to wins and we ensure to clearly develop a brand strategy for your social media presence in Minneapolis.


At Rock Solid Social we have a team of the best social media professionals. We believe in employing the best social media experts to render a quality service to our clients. Our motto is excellence and service which is depicted in the work we do.

Ethan Rothell

Ethan Rothell


Jennifer Chapman

Jennifer Chapman

Director of Operations

Josh Lundstrom

Josh Lundstrom

Design Director

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